stop drinking advise please ?

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I am a 25 year old man , and I drink everyday at least a bottle of wine , sometimes more. This has been going on for three years . In the last 3 weeks I cut down steadily to having one glass of wine . And for past four days I have replaced wine to beer . So I have drunk 1 pint of beer for past two nights and will have 1 beer a night and will stop completely on Friday 17th . I have plenty of thiamine and vitamin b and I have two beers in case I begin to withdraw severely as I have no benzodiazepines . How do you think I will fare ?Is there something else I should be aware of ?

Please help.

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RE: stop drinking advise please ?

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Was für ein Murx.
Das ist doch verarsche hier oder?

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RE: stop drinking advise please ?

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Wie geht es dir heute?)

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