Opiate addict turned drinker?

in Alkoholsucht 02.04.2018 13:29
von MarkGraham | 9 Beiträge


I'm just seeking some advice.I've been a heroin addict for the past three years and have only recently found myself having a drink.I'm around 7 weeks clean from opiates but suddenly I feel the need to have a drink every other evening (around 35cl's of vodka).
I keep telling myself that I'm only drinking because I haven't been able to for the past three years as it makes you withdraw a lot quicker.
I don't know much about alcoholism and just wondering if what I'm doing is healthy or wether I'm on track for another addiction?
The 35cl's doesn't get me pissed at all, I'm not looking to get waved (I don't think), I just enjoy the taste or maybe it could be deeper than that?I've sworn off drugs but maybe I'm just someone that needs to get high somehow? But I'm not looking to get high when I drink so why do it?Confused.Any advice appreciated, I just don't want to beat one horrific addiction only to swap it for another ya know?

Please help.

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