how can i taper off?

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von MarkGraham | 9 Beiträge


I have been drinking like anywhere from 12-14 beers a night, or sometimes 1-2 bottles of wine. It started about 2 months ago but I'm hazy on the timeline, figures. Anyways, I have decided to stop drinking before it kicks my ass. How should I go about this?When I haven't had a drink all day, I get anxiety and some shaking. It isn't super intense, but it's very unpleasant. I'm worried about quitting cold turkey. How long does one usually have to drink regularly before the more serious withdrawal effects happen?

Please help.

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RE: how can i taper off?

in Alkoholsucht 18.10.2018 13:01
von LesterMRothe | 1 Beitrag

Well, you cannot stop drinking at once you have to do it gradually. Like if you take 6 glasses of beer in the night then start from 5 and then 4 and then onward less one glass on daily basis. Through the dissertation help process you will stop drinking one day.

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RE: how can i taper off?

in Alkoholsucht 13.12.2018 13:20
von Frechdachs12 | 26 Beiträge

Maybe find a group? To support you?

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Viel Erfolg weiterhin!
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RE: how can i taper off?

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von HandSolo | 34 Beiträge

How are you?

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