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Goalkeeper Hope Solo faces the possibility of being left off the American roster for this years Womens World Cup if she fails to complete tasks set for her by the U. China Made Jerseys .S. Soccer Federation, which may include alcohol counselling.The 33-year-old was suspended for 30 days last Wednesday for what the U.S. Soccer Federation called an incident that occurred during the current WNT training camp in Carson, California.Asked whether she could be omitted from the teams World Cup roster, USSF President Sunil Gulati said Monday: Look, thats possible. We hope thats not the case. We hope shes making progress and joins the team. Thats certainly the goal, hers and ours.Jerramy Stevens, Solos husband, was driving a team vehicle when he was arrested last week on suspicion of driving under the influence, a person familiar with the details of the arrest told The Associated Press last week. The person spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because they could not discuss the case publicly.Solo was ordered to refrain from drinking alcohol last June after she was arrested on domestic violence charges at her sisters home in Kirkland, Washington. The charge was dropped this month.Speaking on a conference call with U.S. coach Jill Ellis, Gulati said he had to speak carefully because of the involvement of health-related issues. Asked whether Solo had been asked to undergo alcohol counselling, Gulati said I think neither of us denied or confirmed that.Shes been given time to deal with some issues, and we think that in this period shell certainly start that process, and well evaluate, he said.Gulati said the length of the suspension was determined during conversations he had with Ellis and USSF Secretary General Dan Flynn.Thirty days seemed to be the appropriate suspension under our rules and given the circumstances, he said. So there are a number of things that Hope is being asked to do in that 30 days. Were not going to get into the specifics of that. And then well evaluate where things stand at the end of that period and make the decision going forward.Solo will miss exhibition games at France (Feb. 8) and at England (Feb. 13). She could return for the Algarve Cup tournament in Portugal in March.The situation warranted a consequence, and we thought it was reasonable, Ellis said. This is important for us to be able to focus the players that we have on these games and then allow Hope some time to sort of reflect on some things. So I think as far as the specifics, like Sunil said, were not going to get into those, but Hope and I had some very good conversations and Im optimistic about moving forward.Ellis said forward Alex Morgan was fully integrated back into this training camp reinjuring her left ankle Oct. 17 during a game against Guatemala at the CONCACAF Womens Championship. Morgan, who has 49 goals in 77 international appearances, was sidelined for seven months after injuring the same ankle during training in October 2013.Shes coming along great. Were very excited about where she is, Ellis said. China Jerseys Outlet .com) - Darius Carter and Ron Baker scored 18 points apiece to help 13th-ranked Wichita State beat Evansville 61-41 on Saturday. China Jerseys Reviews . No, really, his head. Late in the game, the St. Louis goalie craned his neck into the air to block a shot, taking a puck square in the mask. http://www.chinajerseyspaypal.com/ . - Kobe Bryant and LeBron James traded hugs, big shots and verbal jabs all night with warmth and humour.Two years ago, the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) was embroiled in a bitter governance struggle. Two opposing forces - the old guard, who wanted to maintain the status quo, and the reformers, who wanted to see the CSA adopt a more progressive, effective governance structure - were at an impasse. The media spotlight was shone on the problem, leading to a groundswell of support from across the country in favour of governance reform. In the end, the greater good prevailed, the old guard were outnumbered and the membership of the CSA voted in favour of change. The result of that struggle now sees the CSA being governed by a diverse, professionally-qualified, functional board of directors. They have done a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes, have empowered staff to do their jobs, and created a unique, inclusive strategic plan that will provide a blueprint for the development of the game in Canada for years to come. A key component of that strategic plan will be alignment of governance structures between the national and provincial/territorial organizations. It sounds complicated, but when it is put into context, it is really quite simple to understand. While the CSAs national governance structure is very much in order, the same cannot be said for the provincial associations, their respective district associations, nor for their respective clubs. A perfect example of this occurred last weekend in Ontario. The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA)s Board of Directors voted to reject a Request for Decision - RFD 2013-009 - that would have seen OSA-recognized non-club academies permitted to participate in the OSAs new standards-based, high-performance youth soccer league (the OPDL) next season. The request for decision was brought forward by the OSAs Technical Advisory Council (TAC), a group of experienced professionals with backgrounds in player development, coach education, high-performance and professional soccer, refereeing and administration. TAC was commissioned by the OSA to conceive and develop the OPDL, and to advise the OSA staff in making technical recommendations to its board of directors. The OSA board gave no explanation as to why it voted against the recommendations of the OSA technical staff and TAC - but it is not difficult to figure out. The vote to deny the RFD was motivated by petty politics, rather than what is in the best interest of player development. With a board composed of 21 district representatives and a seven-member Executive, the OSAs governance structure is fundamentally flawed. China Jerseys Online. . The same conflict of loyalty that plagued the CSA two years ago - where provincial association presidents on the CSA board sought mainly to further the interests of their respective provinces, rather than the greater interest of the game at a national level - now plagues the OSA. District representatives on the OSA board defend their own respective interests instead of working for the greater interest of what is best for the game across the province. This vote to deny RFD 2013-009 in Ontario is just one example of the governance problem; similar issues plague other provincial associations. So how does the CSA go about fixing this problem? The ideal solution would be the achievement of a consensus between the national and provincial levels on a consistent governance structure throughout the CSA: each Association would have the same basic structure, with a skill-set, professional board performing a strategic function and management/staff performing technical and program functions. This consensus approach would create the least amount of bad blood, and result in the maximum amount of buy-in by the provinces. An alternative approach is to mandate that each provincial association mirrors the CSAs national governance structure, or some kind of variation that is acceptable to the CSAs board of directors. The CSA board would be wise to consider this option, even while it might not be its first choice. Instituting parallel governance structures at the provincial level need not entail a fight like the one that occurred two years ago at the CSA. There isnt the same uncertainty surrounding the impact of governance reform: the provincial associations are aware of what kinds of changes would have to occur within their organizations. The challenge would be for the CSA to work with the provincial associations to craft unique solutions for each provincial/territorial association, according to the principles of good governance. Canadian soccer supporters would much rather hear stories of our national teams qualifying for World Cups, or of the steps being taken in player and coach development across the country. But governance impacts all of those things. We must continue to work towards implementing good governance structures at every level of the game across Canada - so that decisions like the one made in Ontario last weekend never happen again. ' ' '

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