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Bomberg and Claudia Gadelha: A bold alliance

Bomberg replica watches of Switzerland created a “newbie” for the world of watches created by Rick De La Croix, which opened for the first time in 2012 to cater to a bold and bold mission. BOMBERG is different and unconventional, and we don't want their partnerships to be less. Claudia Gadelha is a mixed martial artist from Brazil who participated in the UFC Straw Division Competition. She is the epitome of Bomberg's representation; reshaping her image in their future industry.

They are here to create their unique logo in the world. At the age of 18, Gadelha moved to Rio de Janeiro and made his debut at MMA. Winning in 17 seconds, she proved her potential and paved the way for her UFC career, where she won the first women's defensive game ever.

As Bomberg leads the unconventional beauty, she is leading women into the MMA world. We are very happy to welcome Claudia Gadelha to the Bomberg family of Rick De La Croix as of January 23. Thanks to the mutual admiration that has been established, this alliance will prove to be a bold, revealing a new perspective on the watch world and allowing provocateurs to be their own places. Like Bomberg, Gadelha breaks through the traditional model and influences rebellion.Bomberg BOLT-68 SKULL


Fresh, bold and sporty. Thanks to its unique and bold thinking, and the creation of bold and ingenious works, Rick De La Croix's BOMBERG has entered the watchmaking industry as a truly innovative and non-traditional brand in the past few years. BOMBERG's unique BOLT-68 Quartz Chroma II series adds two new special components.

This watch is consistent with the look of this watch, and is known for its bright, vibrant colors and original design, in line with the BOMBERG style. These new products are always focused on detail and the desire for innovation, including the unique bayonet system, the patented BOMBERG developed by Rick De La Croix, which turns replica swiss watches into exclusive pocket watches. The new look has a unique identity that is both playful and elegant, and its adjustable quality makes them stylish.


Inspired by the cobra, all face-to-face and everyone face to face, and all challengers dare not evade. Cobra knows its speed, its agility and the virulence it kills.

BOLT-68 AUTOMATIC BLACK COBRA and STEEL COBRA are snake's provocative amulets. The cobra spitting on the dial has nowhere to hide. COBRA transcends the boundaries of politeness and goes to places of dangerous domination. Survival is the most important thing.

The BOLT-68 COBRA uses an unconventional dial, stainless steel and black PVD case with accessories, and a true python black and brown strap, the perfect companion for ignoring integration.www.bestluxurysale.com

BOLT-68 COBRA - Not only is it a non-traditional design, it allows you to stand out with creative thinking. The most important thing is the Swiss-made watch, which combines originality and tradition into a unique design. The self-winding movement, 10 ATM water-resistant depth, sapphire glass, each limited to 250 pieces, makes this watch a must on every watch.

From a technical point of view, the new BOLT-68 COBRA uses a Swiss-made Compre calibre 99001 automatic mechanical movement - all finished in a black PVD 45mm chrome casing.

This new watch not only highlights the design and materials, but also features a clever bayonet system, including a trigger guard. The system is patented by the brand itself, making each product more flexible, as it can also be used as a pocket watch when the timing module is removed from its base and attached to the metal chain. This modern and innovative system is the real development of three aspects of watchmaking: scale, engineering and safety.

The watch is also equipped with a suitable cobra chain and black PVD and stainless steel cobra badges to give you the opportunity - with a patented bayonet system - turns your watch into a destructive pocket replica watch for sale .

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