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Laser pointer is generally divided into industrial laser light and entertainment laser light
Ruby Green laser pointer output laser wavelength of 694.3nm, low photoelectric conversion rate, only 0.1%. But its long fluorescence life, conducive to energy storage, can output a high pulse peak power, a pencil-thin, finger-length ruby rod generated by the laser can easily produce a punch through the iron. Before the advent of the more efficient YAG laser, ruby lasers were widely used for laser cutting and drilling. In addition, the 694nm light is extremely easily absorbed by melanin, so ruby lasers are also used for pigmented lesions (skin growths).


Due to its crystal nature, the titanium sapphire laser has a wide tunable range (i.e., tunable wavelength range) and can output light from 660nm to 1200nm, depending on the need. Together with the maturity of frequency doubling technology (which doubles the frequency of light, i.e. halves the wavelength), the wavelength range can be extended to 330nm-600nm. titanium sapphire lasers are used for femtosecond spectroscopy, nonlinear optics research, generating white light, generating terahertz waves, etc., and have applications in medical aesthetics.

Strictly speaking, laser lights in entertainment venues are not allowed to shoot a stationary beam, because this is very dangerous, the laser may ignite combustible materials or harm the human body and eyes, laser lights play animation, the beam is the movement of the danger is very small, if sensitive to laser, try to avoid laser exposure.

The Laser pointer beam is potentially harmful to human eyes and skin, and the higher the power, the greater the danger! The effect of stage laser light is formed by high speed scanning of laser beam by high speed oscillator or low speed stepping motor. If the laser beam is stationary, even for a short period of time, due to a malfunction of the scanning system or other system reasons, then this immobile laser beam will suffer irrecoverable damage to the audience's eyes in the unlikely event that the beam is shot into his eyes.

laser engraver lights are generally divided into industrial laser lights and entertainment laser lights. Blue laser pointer lights have the advantages of bright colors, high brightness, good pointing, long range, easy to control, etc., looks more magical and fantastic feeling. Application in buildings, parks, squares, theaters, etc., the use of laser beam does not disperse, can attract the attention of people as far as several kilometers away, because from the laser emitting point has also become the focus of attention. However, although the laser light show looks good, but also must remember not long look, because a long time to see the laser light, the damage to the eyes is great!

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